Senior Bowl and a Grain of Salt

Rule for the Cleveland Browns – Know What You See The Senior Bowl week just wrapped up last week, and many scouts and media members have their favorites and listed guys who need to improve their play drastically. While it is encouraging to view athletes in a positive light and believe they can perform well […]

February 2016 by edubs1983

All-Start Games – Reviewing What Went Down

What to Take Away from Collegiate All-Star Games The East-West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl completed a few weeks ago. They both featured tremendous athletes, and were scouted heavily by all NFL franchises. Each team will view these options differently and value them accordingly. All that said; let’s review what many should know after […]

February 2015 by edubs1983

South Team of 2014 Senior Bowl – Risers and Fallers

Senior Bowl – South Squad Standouts and Disappointments In continuing the analysis of practices during Senior Bowl Week, I shifted my focus to a few individuals on the South team.  Scouts and front offices should take note to see to see if outstanding performances continue for these guys in the Scouting Combine or Pro Days, […]

January 2014 by edubs1983

Surprises and Setbacks – North Roster of 2014 Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl – Standouts and Disappointments for North Squad Watching the practices during the Senior Bowl Week, I was able to notice a few things regarding individual performances.  Some played well, while others struggled – obviously this is not to say all who excelled will be regular All-Pros and every one who faltered will fail […]

January 2014 by edubs1983

Looking at the Positives – The Senior Bowl

The 2014 Senior Bowl:  A Positive Time Over the past few weeks, a majority in the local media – including newspaper writers, radio hosts, and those who cover the team have lambasted the Cleveland Browns regarding their process of firing and hiring a new head coach.  Remarkably, this sentiment has hit the national stage as […]

January 2014 by edubs1983