Hierarchy of the QBs – Pre-draft

My final quarterback ratings heading into the draft:  Since early January, when the college football season concluded, multiple things have occurred to alter impressions (among scouts, media, and general manager) regarding signal callers to be drafted.  Let me preface this by stating that any of the top three would be a reach at the fourth […]

April 2014 by edubs1983

Why the Browns prefer individual workouts for quarterbacks

Individual Quarterback Workouts – Analysis of Browns’ tactics In a long process that began with Derek Carr, the Cleveland Browns are on a journey to acquire as much knowledge as possible for each quarterback option in the upcoming draft.  Many skeptics were concerned that the team was being thoughtless for not attending “pro days” nor […]

April 2014 by edubs1983

The Scouting Combine – Offensive Players for the Browns

Guys on Offense – Who the Browns should focus on at the Scouting Combine: In Indianapolis, the combine begins next week for professional football franchises.  This is an extremely important few days of the scouting season.  Teams are taking into account one’s strength (bench press), speed/action drills (sprints, cone drills, and positional exercises), and personality.  […]

February 2014 by edubs1983