The New Uniforms are Finally Here

Are the Browns in New Jersey? No, not that state adjacent to New York and Pennsylvania, I’m referring to the new getup that the Cleveland Browns recently unveiled. The nine combinations are a bit exciting – at least we won’t see the same two tops being either brown or white with usually white pants. I’m […]

April 2015 by edubs1983

Debate for Defense – Cleveland Browns’ First Round

The Case for Defense in the First Round:  Cleveland Browns  Which side of the football should the Cleveland Browns target in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft?  I’m intrigued to see what Ray Farmer has up his sleeve.  One would believe that the defense was better than their counterparts in 2014.  While that […]

April 2015 by edubs1983

Cleveland Browns’ First Round – Offensive Output

The Case for Offense in the First Round: Cleveland Browns Which direction should the Browns go with their twelfth and nineteenth selections in the 2015 draft? Assuming neither are traded, the team could a few ways – doubling up on offense, defense, or getting a guy on each side of the ball. In a two […]

April 2015 by edubs1983

Browns Turn To Draft For Jump Forward

There was a time last season where the NFL and its fans thought the Cleveland Browns have turned the corner. After Brian Hoyer had a successful ending to 2013, he was named the starter for 2014 even with the team drafting Johnny Manziel. Even though Hoyer’s personal stats weren’t anything to boast about, the Browns […]

April 2015 by Joe Sudberg

Why Have the Veteran Combine?

The Veteran Combine: Whom Does it Benefit? Initially, I was very skeptical when hearing about the new concept known as the Veteran Combine. However, after giving it some thought (and more importantly, watching it on television) I am glad the league agreed to do this. Specifically, three parties are benefitting from this invention. You could […]

March 2015 by edubs1983

Two New More for this Defense

Newest Members of the Cleveland Browns After a few days of inactivity, the Browns inked a couple members who can possibly help the team in 2015 and beyond. Last season, they made wise moves in acquiring Karlos Dansby and Donte Whitner for the defense – both were tremendous leaders and the latter made the Pro […]

March 2015 by edubs1983

Next Three Free Agents Signed – Cleveland Browns

Early Free Agency Signings After getting veteran Josh McCown, the Browns made two moves towards getting some offensive personnel on their roster, and faltered on another.  Although none were Earth shattering, I support one move and am ambivalent towards the other two.  While many continue to be down on the Browns’ front office – they could […]

March 2015 by edubs1983

Another Underwhelming Signing

The Josh McCown Era Begins: Things that Make you Scratch your Head  I’ve got to admit, I was pretty disappointed to hear about the signing of the thirty-five year old journeyman quarterback by the Cleveland Browns.  I understand he’s probably a nice guy and all – but the upside is really difficult to find for […]

March 2015 by edubs1983

The Scouting Combine – Where to Evaluate?

What Browns’ Scouts Should be Looking for in Indianapolis The week of the NFL Scouting Combine is close to wrapping up, and all professional franchises are in attendance to get a better look at athletes who could improve their rosters. For the first time this offseason, all eligible participants will be in attendance – not […]

February 2015 by edubs1983