More Moving Parts on Offense

Adios Kyle and Dowell You knew this season was too good to be true; clearly the Browns are not allowed to have the same offensive coordinator for more than one season in a row (it’s been since 2008 since Rob Chudzinski returned for his second year in that spot). He had his upside and tumult […]

January 2015 by edubs1983

Flippin’ the Calendar – 2015 Offseason

Browns Early Offseason Nuggets  Now that the sixteen-game schedule is finally complete, many Browns’ fans can finally get to their favorite part of the year – the offseason.  Here, many play GM and perfect this roster from the lackluster bunch from which they have been accustomed.  In keeping with this theme, let’s take an early […]

January 2015 by edubs1983

Bye Week – What Fans Should be Pulling For

The Bye Week – What Browns’ Fans Should Hope For I got to admit, I was not extremely thrilled to see that the Browns had a week four bye during the 2014 season.  It is the first bye week of the season, and then the team will have at least thirteen straight weeks with a […]

September 2014 by edubs1983

Look at that! Cleveland Browns are Getting Recognition

Excitement Fills the Air  I know it’s only the preseason, but I have never been this excited for the Cleveland Browns to start their season.  I watched a pair of national networks (NFL Network, ESPN) and orange and brown were predominantly featured on both.  Granted, both centered their coverage around the pair of quarterbacks – […]

July 2014 by edubs1983

What’s Gone on in the Past Few Weeks

Recent Browns’ Headlines Although the NFL season is on hiatus for the time being (just about a week away from training camp!), the Cleveland Browns have been in the news for a multitude of reasons.  They have largely been positive, as they do not relate to the situation (and mess) regarding Josh Gordon.  All three […]

July 2014 by edubs1983

What Can Gordon Do?

My Plan for Josh Gordon It’s pretty much a slam-dunk that disappointing (at least off the field) wide out Josh Gordon will be out for all of 2014 – and possibly forever.  I’m in the camp that he’s needs some guidance and direction in order to turn his life around; and that still may not […]

July 2014 by edubs1983

Getting Back into the Game…Thanks to the Gladiators

How the Cleveland Gladiators Got Me Invigorated Back into Football It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly five months since I’ve seen live football of any kind, as the Seahawks defeated the Broncos in the Super Bowl last February.  However, that’s currently the case and, honestly, I haven’t even noticed any form of “football withdrawal” […]

June 2014 by edubs1983

How Improving the Stadium should Help the Team

Renovating the Culture – Stadium’s Facelift to Help the Team’s Image It has been refreshing to hear about the shot in the arm the front office of the Cleveland Browns is attempting to give the franchise, a la beginning a winning culture.  This began with signing key players (i.e. Karlos Dansby and Donte Whitner) who […]

June 2014 by edubs1983

Turnover at the Linebacker Position

Shuffling the Linebacker Corps: I was a bit intrigued by the releases of both Quentin Groves and Larry Grant.  The former was a decent player last year, and was the incumbent special teams’ captain for the Cleveland Browns.  Grant, meanwhile, has been in the league for six seasons (most memorably with the St. Louis Rams) […]

June 2014 by edubs1983

Two Defensive Rookies for the Browns

The Final Two Pieces to the 2014 Draft – the Defenders Over the past few weeks, I’ve delved further into 2014 draft picks for the Cleveland Browns.  A majority of these have been on the offensive side of the football, and for good reason (as the Browns were once again putrid in that aspect in […]

May 2014 by edubs1983