Senior Bowl and a Grain of Salt

Rule for the Cleveland Browns – Know What You See The Senior Bowl week just wrapped up last week, and many scouts and media members have their favorites and listed guys who need to improve their play drastically. While it is encouraging to view athletes in a positive light and believe they can perform well […]

February 2016 by edubs1983

Compare and Contrast – 2015 vs. 2016

Is this Coaching Staff Improved? With the dismissal of Mike Pettine and the hiring of Hue Jackson, the obvious process of hiring new assistants is underway for the Cleveland Browns. It has been discussed and debated by many, but is this new staff a better one than the guys they replaced? (Note: the only constant […]

January 2016 by edubs1983

Hue Jackson – What He Brings

Hitting the Ground Running At this point, everyone is well aware that Hue Jackson has been named the latest head coach of the Cleveland Browns.  With his background primarily with offense (despite being the Bengals’ secondary assistant coach in 2012), many are figuring the Browns should be improved in many facets on that side of the ball.  The fact […]

January 2016 by edubs1983

The Cleveland Browns and the NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs: Missing a Lot of Things Watching the NFL Playoffs, which once again did not include the Cleveland Browns, I returned back to the point of where I have been for many years now. I miss many things that accompany these contests, when will it be our time for the Cleveland Browns? Games of […]

January 2016 by edubs1983

Here Comes the New Guys

Getting Analytical for the Cleveland Browns Just over two years ago, the Browns employed Joe Banner – a huge proponent of analytics. According to reports, he turned off many outsiders in the process. Now in 2016 they are going full fledged into primarily looking into numbers and analysis; this is an intriguing option by management. […]

January 2016 by edubs1983

How to Beat San Francisco – The Team Needs it

The Browns Face the 49ers – A Winnable Game This will likely be the last realistic contest where the Browns will have a good chance to win. That said, it will still not come easy – all three phases of the team must excel in order to end this miserable losing streak. My faith continues […]

December 2015 by edubs1983

Bye Week Blues?  The Browns are off this weekend, but it’s not so bad. Fans are guaranteed not to see their team lose and can afford to spend more of their Sunday with loved ones, outside, etc.   I’m going to try to do both and hopefully will be able to block out more coverage about […]

November 2015 by edubs1983

Cleveland Browns Search For Offensive Continuity During NFL Preseason

With a strong defense already in place, the Cleveland Browns will look to the preseason to determine how well newly acquired quarterback Josh McCown can click with the offense. After a disappointing season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that worsened due to injury, the Browns signed McCown when Brian Hoyer went to the Houston Texans […]

August 2015 by Joe Sudberg

Getting over the Hump Begins in Training Camp

Listing the Five – What the Browns Need to See During Training Camp  It’s felt like months since I have been counting down the days when the Browns fill up Berea and hit the practice field. Well, that countdown is finally over – and the orange and brown are nearing the regular season. Obviously there […]

July 2015 by edubs1983

Tracking Rookie Performances in Camp

Rookie Training Camp Predictions Training Camp has officially opened for the rookies on the Cleveland Browns’ roster. With that, these athletes will finally begin their journey as professional athletes. Obviously of the many attendees, the performances of the players will vary significantly. Let’s surmise as to who will shine and who will take a step […]

July 2015 by edubs1983