Just another Dumb Move or Two?

What’s the Latest for the Browns?  Bad Decisions?

After some positive news lately (or at least no negative news), it’s back to everyone knocking the Cleveland Browns once again.  First is the not surprising news that local pothead Josh Gordon failed yet another drug test.  Meanwhile, there is word out there surrounding the NFL that the Cleveland Browns trading their first choice.  I think both situations are not wise, but let’s see what I’m referring to.

He Gone! Adios to Josh Gordon

Well the last domino appeared to have fallen for the embarrassing tandem of disgraced quarterback Johnny Manziel and idiot-prone wide out Josh Gordon.  The former was released by the Browns a few months ago, yet continues to devalue how others see him (after multiple TMZ interviews).  Meanwhile, Gordon just failed another drug test after being held out of football several times – including all of 2015.  This gives me some closure, as the team can finally move on from this failed experiment.  The end result was an incredible season a few years ago – other than that, there was little upside from the former Baylor Bear.  It is time for the Browns to cut Josh Gordon – NOW.  He will never be the player he was in 2013 and be far from his potential.  The Browns don’t need him in the locker room (and the dark clouds that follow him).

NFL Trade Rumor

It has been reported that there is an agreement in place where the Browns and Eagles swap first round picks.  Obviously, the Browns would be garnering additional assets – as they are in the position where they are moving down the draft board.  I really want Jared Goff with the second overall pick, however there’s a possibility the Browns’ front office does not agree.  (Now, the L.A. Rams trade to number one might make the Jared Goff debate moot).  It will be interesting to see what happens if this trade plays out.  First, what can they get for the second overall pick?  Secondly, will they actually draft great players?  I hope this is still a rumor, as I do not want to settle for a mediocre quarterback to sit behind Robert Griffin III.  We should know what the team will actually do in just a matter of days, however.

Conclusion:  Josh Gordon is a walking distraction who chose marijuana over football.  I wish him a great life and hope he succeeds in whatever he does, but I want him as far away from Berea as possible.  The team needs to start over including securing a pair of excellent wide receivers during the draft.  Speaking of which, I hope the Browns hold steady at number two and get their signal caller.  A trade down is an intriguing move, but like I’ve said before – the Browns must not over-think the draft and get the best player possible.

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