What’s Next for the Browns?

Latest News for the Orange and Brown 

In just under two weeks until the NFL Draft, the news continues to trickle out for the Cleveland Browns. First, the league has put out the exhibition games for each team. Meanwhile, another quarterback had his day in the sun (or wind for that matter). 

Preseason Schedule Announced

Well, it’s the ever-exciting time of the NFL season – where teams release their preseason schedule. In 2016, the Cleveland Browns face four franchises hailing from the NFC conference. First is a matchup at Lambeau Field, followed by a home contest against the Falcons. Out of the two contests, the second game will be more of a “regular season feel”.

Outlook: The Packers are a tremendous opponent year in and year out. However Aaron Rodgers and the offense will likely be on the field for maybe a series or two (remember they will have already played an exhibition game prior to this contest). The Falcons game could be an early solid test for this club, and perhaps Danny Shelton can bowl over Alex Mack a time or two.

After a nationally televised game at Tampa Bay, the team finishes off the exhibition season against the Chicago Bears. This is the most exciting preseason game followed by the most unwatchable game in all of professional football.

Outlook: Overall, I don’t expect a ton of great play by the orange and brown. Once again the Buccaneers’ game will be a vital contest – however in 2015 the team played well and did little the rest of the season.   Nonetheless, excelling in the “dress rehearsal” is much better than stinking up the joint – the latter has occurred countless times since 1999.

Obviously the regular season schedule is much more important for NFL clubs, however getting a preview of the team’s expectations is an important part of the league year. Who knows who will be under center (let alone many other positions) for these games, but one thing is for certain. We are slowly inching their way closer to football!

Paxton Lynch Pro Day

It appears that there are mixed results from the performance by the former Memphis signal caller. Granted the conditions were not great (and Hue Jackson was not there), but it would appear that Lynch could not improve his draft stock. I’ve always thought that Paxton is a project at quarterback and the Browns should avoid drafting him at all costs. Hopefully his Pro Day will help solidify this point for the front office of the Browns.

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