Recent News for the Orange and Brown

A Few Browns’ Tidbits

Looking over the franchise, a thing or two struck me. First, the Browns chose the best coach for this job – not only is he knowledgable, but he is energetic and believes in what the Browns are trying to accomplish. Also, the front office continues to work the bottom of the roster in free agency. They are seeking depth and special teamers, while the stars will (hopefully) come in a month or so.

Hue Jackson’s Personality

The fragile psyche of Browns’ fans cannot be understated, and I completely understand this. Years of broken promises, poor play, and disappointment are repetitive themes for the franchise – and the recent losses in free agency appeared to have turn things here from bad to worse.

However, the new head coach sees things differently. Jackson remains upbeat and trusts the process that Jimmy and Dee Haslam put into place. It would appear that everyone is on the same page (for the first time, apparently) and what the road to greatness looks like. I love hearing the coach’s positivity and hope that this does not change by mid-October when the Browns are mired in a long losing spell.

More Signings

Rahim Moore came along to this club last week, in a under the radar acquisition. The veteran safety entered the league as a second round draft selection, but has yet to perform at that level. However, hearing him speak – you understand the passion he has for football and the fact that this might be his final chance to have a job in the NFL. I have low expectations, but am pulling for Moore to have a bounce back year in 2016 and re-sign with another contract next offseason.

Don Jones and Terrelle Pryor both signed their qualifying offers, and the restricted free agents will remain on this roster (unless another franchise is willing to part with future draft picks). The former is a safety who can play special teams going forward. Overall, that appears to be a decent move – however Jones might get bumped off this roster if the Browns can secure a few outstanding secondary members in the upcoming draft.

Pryor was the hyped wide out from Ohio State, who made the club, was released, and then re-signed in the middle of the season. He only had one catch in the season, but it was an exceptional one in the season finale. I have no idea the team’s plans for Pryor, but it would be nice if he could become a solid NFL wide receiver – this team needs two or three of these.

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