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Rumors and News – Cleveland Browns

The Browns garnered some headlines in both local and national media in the past few days. A majority of it was negative, claiming the team has no idea what they are doing. However, it has become apparent that the team is ridding themselves of the old and looking towards the new. Will it work out? I sure hope so, but time will tell and at this point fans have to use blind faith (again).

Roster Changes

Well the shakeup with the roster is well underway. Mack, Schwartz, Gipson, and Benjamin each found new homes instead of uniting in Cleveland. I wish all of them the best, but am ready to move on. The pair of linemen is tremendous at their jobs, but they cannot affect an NFL game the way a franchise quarterback or elite offensive playmaker can. Benjamin is a solid special teams player and can catch a pass here or these. I liked Gipson, but his injury history must have turned off the Browns’ brass.

Kap Situation

There have been rumors and stories written about the team possibly trading for former 49ers signal caller Colin Kaepernick. I have never particularly been a fan of his, and felt he was bit of a “gadget” player than a true passer. However, he did have success early on in his career and the fact that Hue Jackson desired his services during his role in Oakland might make me feel better about the possible signing. I still prefer the team drafts a signal caller with their first choice this year, but I suppose they could do worse than Kaepernick.

Ohio State University Pro Day

While there were many athletes competing in Columbus, not all are fits for the Cleveland Browns. The fact that the team actually sent representatives to team Pro Days actually made me feel better (their predecessors did not share this opinion). I hope Sashi Brown got what he needed in Columbus to relay to the rest of the front office about these draft-eligible guys.

To name a few possibilities for the Browns, Darron Lee would be a fine addition to this linebacker corps. He is athletic and can play in coverage – as well as provide an ability to make tackles. Eli Apple and Vonn Bell are two who could bolster this secondary. They might be drafted too early for the Browns to scoop them up, but they will be fine additions to professional clubs. I am a big fan of Michael Thomas and would like to see the wide out added to this roster in the second round. No matter who the quarterback will be in 2016, they need to have a dynamic target for this offense.

Conclusion: It is a vital time for the Cleveland Browns’ scouts, coaches, and management. Last season is over (as evidenced by the turnover) – improving the roster begins now. The first was to cut the guys associated with big contacts and losing in the past. Now they have to get young guys who will buy in to what Hue Jackson is selling.

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