Another Smart Alec: Scheiner Resigns with the Browns

Alec Scheiner Resigns

After three years with the Cleveland Browns franchise, the President has chosen to step down. He will remain with the club for several months, in a lesser capacity to complete a few projects – however once that is completed he will no longer be employed with the orange and brown. Let’s look back at a few memories of his tenure and his decision to leave.

First Energy Stadium Improvements

Over the course of the past two years, the Browns’ stadium has undergone multiple improvements. This includes the “tightening” of the seats – via moving seating from the upper sections to the lower bowl in hopes to increase noise for the home crowd. Additionally, there was also a pair of large end zone scoreboards added to the venue. The food vendors were improved upon as well, as the Browns’ stadium now includes higher-end sellers than simply a hot dog and beer restaurant. While these advancements did not make the team any better – they were wise improvements made by the club.

New Jerseys and Logos Unveiled in 2015

This is a hotly debated subject; the Browns finally changed up their apparel last season thanks to the help of Scheiner. Personally, I enjoy the new look – despite the constant complaints by the old farts that they should keep the “traditional look”. The club needed this move and if the Browns actually win on a consistent basis, these uniforms and apparel will be flying off the shelves.

A huge negative was the hype surrounding the Browns’ new logo and the disappointment that followed. It simply was the same logo (a helmet) with a different colored face mask. The actual change was fine, however the mystery and intrigue generated by the former President of the team led many to abhor what followed.

Rumors and Speculatio

There have been articles published in recent years about Scheiner wanted to watching film with former general manager Ray Farmer and other personnel people for the Browns. Several felt he desperately wanted to be a part of the football side of the club, despite not having this sort of background. While it is unclear whether this was the case, the rumors about this were never squashed by the Browns.

The most damning rumor surrounding the former President of the team was the fact that several co-workers (mainly women) were feeling uncomfortable by his presence. To what degree remains to be seen, however.  Again, this is just speculation but where there’s smoke there is fire – and I have yet to see an article to disprove this.

Conclusion: Long story short, Alec Scheiner helped the team improve in a few key areas in his three years. However, these all had to deal with off the field areas and the team is just as poor as it was in 2013. I wish him all the best and believe the Browns can find the right person to succeed Alec in the President’s role.

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