The NFL Combine Analysis and Analytics

Sifting through the Information

With over one thousand members in the Indianapolis last week – consisting of prospects, coaches, agents, and front office members – there was a ton to take in for each NFL team.  Hopefully the Browns
did their part and got the most with their time spent with the necessary people.  In addition to this, there are statistics that were displayed over several days.  What will analytics have to say about the performance by several athletes?


Some guys are large, while others are small.  Meanwhile, how large should a quarterback’s hands be to perform well in the NFL?  Is there a requirement time for the forty-yard dash, given certain conditions
(i.e. position, injury, etc.)?

I hope the Browns place a reasonable importance on this, when looking at their draft boards.  For example, they cannot afford to go with extremely short quarterbacks and wide receivers – that has proven to be ineffective (for them).  However if a certain athlete is a little underweight, that can be overcome with proper training.  While some of these measurements are important; I would rather the Browns choose a guy with worse numbers who can play in the NFL instead of the opposite.

Need at Quarterback

It’s a given that the Browns are still in search of their franchise signal caller.  Hue Jackson stated that they might not necessarily choose one with their first draft selection (number two overall). While that may be the case, I am guessing that this is an attempt to throw off his competitors.

The Browns need to get the best prospect possible – and will have an excellent opportunity to achieve this with their first draft pick (barring an enormous trade).  Draft the guy right and everything else will come easier – I hope the orange and brown can actually get it done this time around.

Free Agent Decisions

I understand both that the Browns are attempting to retain their four key free agents to be (Alex Mack, Mitchell Schwartz, Travis Benjamin, and Tashaun Gipson).  However, it has been floated out there – likely by agents – that each will be departing the Browns for more money.  I am intrigued to see who is worth what according to this team’s front office.  Should Alex Mack be given large amounts of money (as he is over thirty years old)?  Meanwhile, is the position of safety one where large salaries are not required?

It’s past the point where the Browns really need to make the right decisions with their own free agents.  Hopefully analytics can assist in this tremendously.

Conclusion:  The Browns have been attending the scouting combine regularly and have been failing with the NFL draft on an annual basis. 2016 needs to be the first year of many where those in charge make the most of their time in Indianapolis, as well as take from the information given to them in order to determine the best fits for the club.


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