Don’t be Fooled by the Broncos – Need that Offense

Don’t Overreact to the Super Bowl

A tremendous defense filled with quarterback pressures, speed, and punishing tackles.  A decent offense that was good enough to win football games in NFL.  That pretty much sums up the 2015 Denver Broncos – the champions of the league.  Is this the wave of the future (as it was in the past), or is it an anomaly; in terms of building a professional football franchise?

Why Building the Defense Could Work

One thing that a quarterback needs for success is to have his timing be on point each drop back.  The man under center requires his targets to arrive at the correct spot at the right time.  Meanwhile, the signal caller must have the football out of his hands prior to the receiver breaking open.

If the Browns can actually get guys who can come either from the edge or through the “A” gap – then perhaps they will disrupt opposing quarterbacks’ timing (and more importantly not surrender all the yards and points that have these past few years).  If opposing quarterbacks can become flustered and are taken out of their element, then the Browns will have a very good chance at victory.

But It’s all About the Offense

Nowadays teams need points to win football games.  Sure, teams cannot have one of the most inept defensive units in the league – but they must be able to move the ball consistently and find the end zone. Both the Broncos and Seahawks appeared to have weak offenses but were able to put points on the board in the years where they won the championship; it might not have been the case in a playoff game or two however.

Since offenses revolve around the quarterback, it’s of utmost importance that teams need a great one to win.  If franchises can utilize a guy who can run, pass, and put the team’s defense in advantageous positions, then they are in good shape.  Having a great defensive unit can propel teams to triumphs, even to a spot in the playoffs. But if the team’s offense cannot score over twenty points a game (in today’s NFL) – I have zero confidence they can advance towards a championship.

Conclusion:  While a few recent NFL champions possessed dominant defenses with modest offenses, this should not be confused as to how to properly construct a winner in the NFL.  Teams (like the Browns) must secure their franchise signal caller and put the best athletes around him.  Great runners and receivers are needed, as well as dominant pass rushers and cornerbacks (to name a few positions).

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