How to Get the Next Franchise Quarterback

Don’t Overthink the Upcoming Draft

Now that the news is out, and it is just a matter of time until the Browns will release Johnny Manziel – the Browns must find an actual franchise quarterback.  They could sign a signal caller in free agency this March, but let’s be honest; the way to get their game changer is to choose him in the NFL Draft.  Now there are a variety of ways to obtain this passer, but the Browns need to not act like the smartest guys in the room and just make the correct decision.  How does this occur?  Let’s look into this:

The Second Draft Pick

Barring an unlikely trade that would catapult a quarterback needy franchise into the first overall selection, the Browns will have their pick of the litter after the Titans make their selection.  This situation is extremely simple; the Browns can finally get the best quarterback prospect available for the first time since 1999.  While Tim Couch is not a Hall-of-Famer, he has had the most success at the position since the team came back.  It would be wise for Sashi Brown and Hue Jackson to agree who is that guy, select him (I prefer Jared Goff), and propel the team to the playoffs and beyond.

Trading Up or Down for their Guy

I hate this philosophy, as I have seen Eric Mangini, Tom Heckert, and Ray Farmer all do this on draft weekend – without success.  Whether it was going up for Brandon Weeden, Manziel, or just trading down and choosing a center the Browns have not gotten it right over the past few seasons.  If the team were to trade down in hopes of getting a Paxton Lynch or Carson Wentz; they would have to worry about others jumping them and stealing their target.  This trading down and hoping concept is way too much overthinking by front offices.  Sure they could justify it by using the term “value” – however if the Browns actually hit on most of their draft picks in rounds two through seventhen they will have gotten tremendous value already.

Conclusion:  The impending dismissal of the overrated first round bust by the Browns opens a door for a new guy to come in and be the next franchise quarterback in this league.  Those involved in the drafting process must determine who their target is and choose him when he is available (likely at the second overall choice).  Then it will come down to Hue Jackson (and possibly Josh McCown) teaching the kid the nuances of the NFL – hopefully the Browns can get it right this time.

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