Senior Bowl and a Grain of Salt

Rule for the Cleveland Browns – Know What You See

The Senior Bowl week just wrapped up last week, and many scouts and media members have their favorites and listed guys who need to improve their play drastically. While it is encouraging to view athletes in a positive light and believe they can perform well in the NFL – many things that occurred in Mobile might not be reproduced against other rookies and veterans. Let’s provide a few examples.

Carson Wentz

The quarterback is large and played well both in college and at the Senior Bowl. Being six foot-five inches is a good start, and the fact his off the field antics in no way replicate his likely predecessor (from Texas A&M) many like the prospect. I still prefer Jared Goff from California and believe he should be the guy for the Browns with the second overall selection. Back to Wentz – he has displayed potential to be a reliable signal caller in the league, but appears too much of a project to go early in the second round. I am surprised by all of the mock drafts that have Wentz chosen either with the second or fourth pick. Perhaps that will change after the Scouting Combine occurs in February.

Braxton Miller

An extremely raw prospect at wide receiver, Miller has only competed at the position for just one season. However, his measurables (six foot-two inches, 220 pounds) make him an intriguing prospect. It is of noting that Miller still needs work running routes – and that will have to be against better athletes than what he has faced. I would be complacent if the Browns gave the wide out a look in the later rounds of April’s draft.   Though teams should not take what he did during Senior Bowl week and expect the former Ohio State star to be their top wide out (at least early in his career).

Sheldon Rankins

This might be a moot point, as I find it rather unlikely that the Browns would choose another defensive lineman in the first round of the draft. However, many scouts are salivating over the fact the 300-pound defender was pushing around his opposition with ease. Will this continue on a fairly regular basis? That is a key question for all NFL teams wanting to secure the defender. I hope the Browns are one of the teams that put Rankins in the back of their mind, interview him in the next few months, and see how he progresses.


Conclusion: At the Senior Bowl, three guys (to name a few) really stood out with their exceptional play. Teams must be cautious however with how they project in the NFL. Can they be all-Pro members for many years to come? Yes, but could they also be underperforming busts? Of course this is a possibility. The bottom line is the fact that these three athletes made their mark in just a portion of the scouting process. Couple this with other areas, and the Browns should have a better picture of who to draft an when they should be taken.

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