The Cleveland Browns and the NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs: Missing a Lot of Things

Watching the NFL Playoffs, which once again did not include the Cleveland Browns, I returned back to the point of where I have been for many years now. I miss many things that accompany these contests, when will it be our time for the Cleveland Browns?

Games of Meaning

It’s been years (if not longer) since the Browns have been in a contest that has meant a great deal for them. The only types of contests the team is in at the end of the year are either meaningless or to be the spoiler. At some point it has got to change; frankly, I want to see the Browns play for home field advantage, to get a first-round bye, or to clinch a playoff birth, etc. Once the playoffs actually start – that’s where the importance really intensifies. Imagine watching the orange and brown being in a game that will dictate who goes to the Super Bowl. I was six years old the last time this happened, and I miss it dearly.


Outside of a game against the retched 49ers last month, I did not see the Browns come out and try to smack an opponent in the mouth. Whether it’s the offensive line, defensive line, or linebackers – the Browns have never displayed a consistent ability to be physical with the other team. In the playoffs, it appears that both teams are content with beating each other up all game long. That’s the way football was meant to be played, unfortunately we are usually treated as the nail to the other team’s hammer nearly every week.

Personal Pride

Listening to veterans in the Browns’ locker room, and many guys reference how personal they are taking their failures after they occur. However, watching the Bengals defeat and what it meant to their players defines personal pride. Ideally the Browns will get it done (whatever it takes) to win games, but that’s the type of attitude I miss from the Cleveland Browns. 


This is an obvious point that I wish I could witness for three hours on the weekend, as winning typically brings excitement. Nonetheless, watching the players, coaches, and fans get so fired up on nearly every play is great to see – but also a foreign concept for the Browns. There’s a ton that must happen before the team can be playing after week seventeen of the regular season – but jubilation is what makes sports great and I would love to see it for the professional team in northeast Ohio.

Conclusion: I’m not going to complain any more than I should about the state of the football team in Cleveland. But if they can get to where many want them to, there are at least four reasons (listed above) why this time of year would be special. Some day we will see our team in the playoffs, Browns’ fans.

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