Can the Browns Please Win? Might Wanna do a Few Things First

Finishing off the 2015 Season in Style – Cleveland Browns

Wouldn’t it be a nice thing if the Browns could defeat their arch nemesis and remove them entirely from the playoffs? That is one of the scenarios that could play out Sunday afternoon – however the prognosticators are not seeing it going this way. If the Cleveland Browns want to head into the offseason on a positive note, they might want to do a handful of tasks.

#1 – Don’t Let Big Ben Feast

In a defeat last contest, the Ravens held Big Ben to just over 200 yards through the air. This was about half of what the Browns surrendered the last time these two met. If the orange and brown want to salvage the season split, they cannot permit the guests to toss it up and down the field with little resistance. I know they have Antiono Brown and we have Charles Gaines – but stopping their passing attack will be of huge importance.

#2 – Win the Turnover Battle Decidedly

The Steelers lost this department two to zero last contest and the game itself. Who knows, maybe the Browns will have to win this statistic by three to secure a victory. However, I would like to see the defense hand the ball to Johnny and the offense on a short field (hopefully leading to touchdowns). Manziel has shown an ability to pick up yards against this defense, but finding the end zone is another story.

#3 – Playing with Nothing to Lose 

I saw elements of this occurring last game, with the fake punt (which was executed tremendously) in the second half. I hope the team gambles more, allowing more opportunities to score and put the opponent on their heels. Of course they must make the most of these opportunities.

#4 – Keep Johnny Upright

This is a given, but not having Johnny sacked will help out this offense greatly. Eliminating situations with many yards to gain, as well as keeping the quarterback from injury is vital for the Cleveland Browns. I think they can actually do this on Sunday – which is something I could not have envisioned a few weeks ago. 

#5 – Overcome Past History

It goes without saying that the black and yellow has had the Browns number, but the Browns were able to muster a victory against them last season. Instead of all the losses over the past decade and a half, it would serve them better to focus on the positives – including the drubbing that went down last October. If the franchise refuses to worry about the losses then maybe their mentality will help in the game.

Conclusion: I would love to believe that the Browns would come out, play a tough game, and earn a difficult victory on Sunday. But that is unlikely the way the season has been going – the Browns will trail early and lose once again at home.

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