Browns @ Seahawks – Five Keys to a Gigantic Upset

How the Browns Can Prevent Being Embarrassed in Seattle

Boy, when the schedule came out last spring the game against the Seahawks appeared to be a rough one.  Now with the orange and brown playing poorly (to put it nicely) and the home team clicking on all cylinders; the odds of keeping it close are very close to zero.  Yet again, this is the NFL and anything can happen when two teams take the field.  In order to not get run off the field, the Browns would be wise to accomplish a handful of things, listed below.

1 – Force Turnovers in Bunches

Even though the Browns got destroyed by the Cardinals a few weeks ago; the defense kept the game close by forcing several interceptions and fumbles.  Do I think that the unit can replicate this against Russell Wilson and company?  No, but that should still be the main focus point for the defenders – stealing the ball is critical for maintaining a puncher’s chance in this contest.

2 – Don’t Fall Behind

This is pretty much a given; one of the loudest stadiums in the league coupled with an excellent franchise is not a recipe for success to anyone who visits Seattle and expects to score a comeback.  It will not be easy but should the defense rise up and the offense make the most of their opportunities (especially in the red zone), then who knows what could happen in the second half.  Coming out strong should be a primary focus for the entire visiting team.

3 – Take Pride

Yes the Browns are a bad team and have played horribly most of the season.  They are not going to the playoffs and some feel turnover will occur with many individuals.  However, this is professional football and many do not get second (or third) chances to prove they belong.  If guys want to show they belong at this level in 2016 and beyond; regardless of which team they play for – it starts with playing hard and doing whatever it takes to succeed.

4 – Get Under their Skin

The Seahawks appear to be a team that can get agitated and not play under control.  Whether it’s being a little “too” physical (while still staying in the rules), talking after the whistle, or just outperforming the competition – the Browns must try to get in the heads of the Seahawks.  This should be the hardest task to accomplish but it would be wise to at least give it a shot.  Maybe Manziel can help with this; provided he can excel on the field.

5 – Hope for the Trap Game

It should be no surprise that the Browns will be taken lightly by their counterparts (and rightly so).  The guests are awful at football and this appears as an easy win for Seattle.  Perhaps this could lead to the home team “mailing it in” and assuming they can try just enough to get the win.  I don’t particularly anticipate seeing this to occur, hence the word hope in the title.

Conclusion:  Of all these points the Browns need to accomplish, I see number three as the only realistic possibility for the team to achieve.  Number one and five are unlikely but not out of the realm of a minute chance.  The Browns will likely enter Seattle with their heads down and leave in an even worse shape – with a lopsided defeat.

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