The New Uniforms are Finally Here

Are the Browns in New Jersey?

No, not that state adjacent to New York and Pennsylvania, I’m referring to the new getup that the Cleveland Browns recently unveiled. The nine combinations are a bit exciting – at least we won’t see the same two tops being either brown or white with usually white pants. I’m not going get into it too much, but let’s take a gander at what we should see on the field (at least in terms of paraphernalia).

Look Good, Play Good

I really hope this is the case for the Cleveland Browns; it worked in the past for the Denver Broncos, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the New England Patriots. Time will tell, but I will accept whatever it takes for this franchise to get over the hump of disappointment. Whether the players are genuine or not, they appear to like the new jerseys; now they must collectively play better and win games.

Cleveland is the City 

It appears to be a modest design update, but a big move for this franchise. Being the only franchise in the NFL to display the name of the city on the front of the jersey is “a pride thing” for two reasons. The players will have a new attachment when playing for this city and fans cannot get enough apparel that includes the word Cleveland on them. Standing alone, in this case, is a good thing for the Browns.

Time to Move on 

Moving on from points of misery could be what the doctor ordered – jerseys included. They’ve pretty much the same uniforms for fifteen years plus, without success. I cannot stand the traditionalist point of view, one where “everything has to be the same forever”. Let’s face it, the Cleveland Browns are not the New York Yankees or Green Bay Packers. The culture change continues for the orange and brown.

Conclusion: Seeing the leaks online, I got to admit I was a bit nervous with their changes. However, after the reveal I fully support the changes made with the help of Nike. The white tops and pants are too plain (I don’t care if they are historic), but pretty much all other combinations work for me. Good, great, grand, wonderful – now it’s time for Ray Farmer to upgrade this roster in two weeks and improve on their seven-win season from 2014.

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