Drilling Down Further into the Rookie of the Year

What to Make of Teddy Bridgewater

Last week, the NFL Offensive Rookie of Year award went to quarterback Teddy Bridgewater of the Minnesota.  As many can recall, he was my number one target for the Cleveland Browns last season – but they opted for Johnny Manziel instead.  I give Teddy all the credit in the world, but as far as the “Play as a Brown” mentality – I question whether he warrants this label.  However, the guy they chose has gone under much scrutiny as well.

The Former Louisville Cardinals Quarterback:  It wasn’t the output that Andrew Luck had as a rookie, but Bridgewater had a solid starting point for his professional career.  He finished with fifteen total touchdowns (one rushing) and fifteen turnovers (twelve interceptions) – it appears mediocre but I would definitely take that for my team.  It’s believable that he will continue to build upon this, and I would figure his numbers to be much greater in 2015 and beyond, but that’s not the entire story behind this athlete.

Prior to 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns conducted a study to figure out who was the best quarterback to draft.  The conclusion was Bridgewater, but as we all know, he didn’t end up as their choice.  It was also reported that Teddy told the franchise he did not want to don orange and brown, since the team was “split” on him.  I understand not wanting to go to place where some might not fully support you, but welcome to the NFL Teddy!

The mentality of “Play Like a Brown” includes being tough, leaving everything on the field, and not worrying about hurt feelings.  This last part of Bridgewater’s character goes against what the Browns stand for under Mike Pettine.  Granted he is showing a ton of promise, there’s a perception that he is weak mentally – being afraid of what some coaches and management think.  Two traits I want in the team I root for are tough both physically and mentally.  Good luck Teddy, but the Browns need a quarterback who fits the bill completely.

Conclusion:  Although Teddy Bridgewater was the guy I initially wanted for the Browns and that he won the award for best offensive rookie, he might not be the best professional quarterback of the bunch.  I prefer the on-the-field qualities more of Johnny Manziel, but the person still has his downsides (as evidenced last week).  His poor decisions while out with friends are sad, and he must get his act into gear (and quickly).  2015 is a huge year for both guys, but I’m pulling for the giant leap from the little guy.

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