A New Offensive Leader…Hopefully He’s Not Offensive

Browns Choose DeFilippo as their New Offensive Coordinator

Once again, the Cleveland Browns have selected another guy to run their offense. For 2015 (and hopefully longer than that), John DeFilippo will be manning that role. He doesn’t have huge shoes to fill, and many fans just want an adequate offense that can score touchdowns with a bit of consistency. Let’s look at what the Browns are getting themselves into.

Last Year: Surprisingly, the offensive mind interviewed for this very position following the 2013 campaign – which was eventually given to Kyle Shanahan. It speaks volumes that the coach has an open mind and held no grudges against the organization that turned him down. In a sport filled with egos; this is an enduring quality. Now it just comes down making it work on the field – the toughest task for the orange and brown offense.

Molding a Rookie: In 2014, DeFilippo was given the task of mentoring rookie Derek Carr in Oakland. While the team did not sustain success overall (3 -13 final record), the signal caller played better than many had anticipated (twenty-one touchdowns to only twelve interceptions and 3,270 yards passing). This type of output would leave many to believe that he was not a part of the problem with the Oakland Raiders.

Turning Around Johnny? It’s safe to assume that one of the reasons why DeFilippo was brought into the Browns’ organization was to further the progress of the second-year signal caller from Texas A&M. The type of play that Manziel displayed in 2014 makes this a very tall order for this upcoming season – but the Browns were crazy enough to believe that the new offensive coordinator can mold youthful quarterbacks.

Following Suit: The newly hired coordinator has said he will adapt his ways to fit what the Cleveland Browns are looking for. DeFilippo will not do things “his way”, and will be agreeable to Pettine’s vision for this organization. I enjoy hearing that he is embracing the team concept and is looking forward to unifying with the rest of the team’s coaching staff. Hopefully, this does not change over the course of the 2015 campaign.

Conclusion: An offensive coordinator is as only as good as his quarterback – that is definitely my mentality of the NFL. I want to think that the Browns struck gold in John DeFilippo, but only time (hopefully more than twelve months) will tell. Alas, the new man in charge has the opportunity to break through and finally be something the Browns have been looking for in over a decade. This would be a competent offensive coordinator who can produce an efficient unit in the NFL.

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