Time to Put the Misery in the Past

Getting Rid of that Nasty Taste

Well, it was definitely a team effort in Jacksonville – everyone for the Browns did an equally horrible job.  Whether it was Brian Hoyer, the offensive line, stopping the run, or coaching decisions, all failed last week.  Despite the monstrous disappointment, this is still the NFL and a week-by-week sport.  The Browns head back home and face the Raiders; they have another shot to get back to their prosperous ways.  What things must occur for this to happen?  Look below:

#1 – Back to the Basics

Let’s remember how the Browns have been successful this year; running the football and being more physical upfront.  After a few failed efforts early on last week, the team tossed out their game plan and left everything up to Brian Hoyer.  In this contest, they must devise ways to move the ball on the ground and continue that with regularity.  I believe they can take their failures from last week and be dominant between the tackles – it will obviously come down to execution.

#2 – Don’t Play Down to Competition

The Titans, Jaguars, and Raiders are three inferior opponents to the Browns; at least on paper.  So far, though, the orange and brown have made the first two squads look like juggernauts.  It’s about time the team rises up and displays that they are the obvious, better NFL team.  They are at home and should be hungry to prove last week was a fluke; I envision several big plays for Cleveland.

#3 – Build up Hoyer

Last week’s loss had to be extremely demoralizing to Brian Hoyer, as it was his worst game as a starting quarterback.  The coaching staff must help him out mentally – by putting the quarterback in situations to have success and straying away from third downs with a long distance to gain.  Hoyer has shown a knack for resiliency, but why should the staff make it any harder on the guy?  I’m looking forward to seeing red zone attempts ending in touchdowns this Sunday (for the

#4 – Focus on Run-Stopping

Denard Robinson, really defense?  I understand there have been multiple injuries, but to surrender 127 yards against a small, college quarterback is unacceptable.  You better believe the Raiders will try to force it down the throats of the Cleveland defense.  To avoid back-to-back embarrassments, Jim O’Neil must stress slowing down the opposition’s rushing attack.  It may not make a difference, but whatever the defense is doing currently is not working.  Giving up big yardage against the run can spell doom for the Browns.

#5 – Make Turnovers Count

Once again the Browns will face a rookie signal caller this week.  They forced three turnovers against Blake Bortles last Sunday, but could not even garner one touchdown as a result.  In this matchup, they must come away with seven points after Derek Carr loses possession of the football.  Time and time again, if a team does not cash in on their opportunities in the NFL – it ends up costing them later on.

Conclusion:  After being absent all season long, skepticism for this team will likely fester the remainder of 2014.  How they could perform so poorly is alarming, and they have not given me reason to feel this was a one-time thing.  All that said, I still like the Browns’ chances on Sunday but my confidence level has gone way down.  If they win the battle upfront early – they should flex their muscles verses the silver and black.

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