Cleveland Browns Getting National Attention

Stealing the Spotlight This Spring – The Cleveland Browns

While the team puts their finishing touches on the coaching staff, let’s take a sneak peek into what’s coming up in April and May of 2014.  For Cleveland Browns fans, this is an exciting and interesting time, and for those long-time followers, a nerve-wracking one as well.

Draft Day:  The Movie

Kevin Costner, Dennis Leary, and Jennifer Garner are just a few names in the star-studded cast that takes a deeper look into the NFL Draft process and everything that accompanies that weekend.  After a failed attempt to center the film on the Buffalo Bills, the Browns stepped up – which has thrilled local media and a good portion of the fan base.

Will the team turn its luck around as a result of the film?  Odds are against it but Cleveland fans can still hold out hope that what happened to Indians following Major League repeats itself.  (That included a pair of World Series appearances and multiple playoff berths).   At the very least, this would be an extremely entertaining movie that gets the franchise noticed – in a positive way – by those outside of northeast Ohio.

2014 NFL Draft

Two years ago, the Browns had a bundle of draft selections – including a pair of first round choices.  After choosing a pair of underachievers in Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson (at least the team got something for the latter), the team now is in a similar situation this May.  Having this many opportunities will once again put the focus the Browns; they must hit on these selections.

Unlike the 2012 Draft, the Browns will more than likely take their signal caller with their first selection.  Depending on which quarterback they choose, the team can go from a boring group to must-watch squad in a short time.  Securing primetime opportunities and routine attention by national outlets remains to be seen, but by simply selecting a few athletes early in the draft and the Cleveland Browns have an opportunity to become relevant (which is a good first step towards becoming a consistent winner).

Conclusion:  A significant amount of football fans could be hearing about the orange and brown largely in the springtime.  Supporting this franchise for many years, I find that somewhat thrilling – but I would rather the team dominate draft weekend and fly under the radar.  In the slower portion of the calendar year the team can finally get it right.  Having a solid coaching staff is a good start but (as many know) a franchise quarterback is imperative if the team ever wants to get over the hump.

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