Challenge the Mind to Achieve Athletic Success

Developing the mind plays an important role in the success of any athletic groups, especially American Football teams. Teams and players can have unbelievable technical skills but struggle to manage their emotions, unable to think clearly under pressure, and cannot maintain confidence. Thus players who don’t possess strong and well-developed psychological abilities will be less effective on the field.

In France, football does not refer exclusively to soccer but American football too. Although American football has yet to attain anything like the prestige of soccer or rugby in France, whose champions are considered to be national heroes, a handful of French teams maintain a loyal following. Controlled by the Fédération Française de Football Américain (FFFA), the “Fighting Frogs” are the official American football senior national team of France. In 2003, the team competed from teams of Ligue Élite de Football Américain (Elite League of American Football), a semi-professional league in France and eventually ranked sixth place in the 2007 World Cup Finals.

Although poker hasn’t always been associated with physical fitness, did you know that by spending 30 minutes of your time playing poker online, you’re helping to enhance your psychological abilities that are imperative to achieve success in any sport? One of the leading poker websites, offers players of all kind of regular games of Omaha Hi-Lo and the popular Texas Hold’em’, and a chance to win big cash prizes, especially if you join the online tournaments. If you opt to experience real live games, you can play with the amateurs and professionals at the tournaments such as France Poker Series and even get the chance to sit on the same table with the leading season 2 poker player Jeremie Sarda.

Studies show that when people play poker whether online or in real tournaments, they enhance their focus, memory, calmness during duress situations, and their ability to respond and think quicker. Football players need the same level of psychological capabilities to achieve greater heights on the field. As the common saying goes, ‘Keep your eye on the ball and your head in the game,’ especially if you’re planning to be a football player because the tackles and other aspects of the game can happen in a blink of an eye. It’s a must for them to keep their focus and memory sharp as that will give them a better gauge on how to defeat the opponent in front of them.

‘Mental toughness’ has become an abstract concept that ESPN and other sport announcers have used to describe unbelievable feats made by sports team and athletes worldwide. But ‘mental toughness’ is anything but abstract; it is best to develop the ability by engaging yourself in brain challenging activities such as playing poker with your buddies every Friday. With the help of this article and exercising the 3 Cs (consistency, confidence, and coping), you can develop your psychological abilities like a real member of the “Fighting Frogs.”

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