Browns Upset Steelers, 20-14


Photo by: John Rivera/Icon SMI

The Cleveland Browns earned their third win of the season by upsetting the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time since the 2009 season. The Steelers have now fallen to 6-5 and the Browns did exactly what they are supposed to do when the season is considered over, they played the role of a spoiler.

This victory isn’t as surprising as an upset against a healthy Steelers team would have been, but the Steelers problems aren’t the Browns problems. The Browns took advantage of the 37 year old third stringer, Charlie Batch by intercepting three of his passes, not allowing one passing touchdown, and limiting him to only 199 yards of passing. In addition to the three interceptions, the Browns also forced eight fumbles and recovered five of them. Yes, you counted correctly, the Browns defense recorded a total of eight turnovers today.

The Browns struggled on offense, but that was as expected against the Steelers tough defense. However, they managed to capitalize on the defensive turnovers and that was enough for the Browns to get the win.

In the fourth quarter, quarterback Brandon Weeden collided into the leg of left tackle, Joe Thomas, and left the game prior to the conclusion to be tested for a concussion. We will keep you updated on his status when the updates come in.

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