Browns Come Out Firing but Cannot Sustain

If you tuned into this one about 20 minutes late, then you missed a lot. In essentially the snap of a finger the Browns had taken a 14-0 lead and looked as though they were on their way to shocking New York in their building. By halftime this feeling had already evaporated.

The 14-0 lead came from the Browns 2 first round picks Richardson and Weeden. Richardson who had the best game of his young career, was able to trot in from 15 yards out, while Weeden hit Josh Gordon in stride for a 62 yard td. The downfall began when the Giants offense realized they needed to dig themselves out of a hole. Quickly, the flood gates opened. The Browns were able to take a 17-7 lead, but by halftime New York was on a 20-0 run and took a 27-17 lead into the half.

The Cleveland defense was embarrassed by one of the leagues more explosive offenses. Normally when a team gets shredded by the Giants it is solely because of Eli Manning. This was far from the case Sunday. While Eli had a great game, the real problem was the Browns porous run defense. Porous might be putting it too lightly. The Browns allowed 200 yards to runningback Ahamad Bradshaw, and 243 overall on 34 rushes. That equates to 7.1 yards per rush. When your allowing almost a first down every run play you should be happy you only allow 41 points on the day. Abysmal, gutless performance from the Browns defense. Victor Cruz had a field day against the secondary who will welcome Joe Haden back with open arms this coming week.

Give the offense credit in this one. Finally Trent Richardson was utilized as much as he should be, finishing with 128 total yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. Brandon Weeden also had possibly the best game of his young career. Most impressive stat of the day was the Browns not allowing Weeden to be sacked once against the deadly Giants pass rush.

Losing this game 41-27 was just unacceptable. I take back anything I said about the Brown defense impressing me against Baltimore because about the only thing impressive from Sunday is that they only gave up 41. If the offense can come out and play half as well as they did Cleveland is going to win a few games. Now at 0-5, the question is going to become, when does the Pat Shurmur watch begin?

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