Browns Desperate In Week 5

As per usual, it has been a bumpy start for the Cleveland Browns in the 2012 NFL season.  They have lost every game and, by all accounts, are gearing up for another loss in week 5 against defending Super Champions the New York Giants.  They will need big weeks from both quarterback Brandon Weeden and running back Trent Richardson if they wish to have a chance this coming Sunday.

Weeden, while not exceptionable, looked solid in week 4 against the Baltimore Ravens.  After getting into a groove, he was able to move the ball up and down the field with relative ease, managing 320 passing yards.  He was not able to throw a touchdown, however, as well as getting an interception that resulted in a pick 6 for the Ravens.  He will need to be more solid in week 5 against the Giants if he wishes to win, or even cover the NFL odds that have them at +10.5.

This also goes for back Richardson.  He played decently in week 4, getting 47 rushing yards and a touchdown, be he needs to do more if he wants his team to succeed against a strong Giants front line.  The Browns have been backed into a conner and they need to start fighting their way out.  That starts at the offense.  Their defense needs to make some adjustments as well, but they really need to start putting some points on the board if they want some wins in the coming weeks.

This weeks game is make or break for a Browns team that has not been in the playoffs in years.  They can either start turning their season around now, or be left in the dust yet again.  If Brandon Weedon and Trent Richardson can start getting things going, they have a good chance this week.

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