How Can the Browns Help Richardson Succeed

So far through 3 games the Browns top draft pick Trent Richardson has only run for 175 yards on 50 carries. This is good for just 3.5 yards per carry. This is a small sample size and Richardson does have two TD’s, but if the Browns want to compete this season they need to get him going. On the road against division rival Baltimore is not an ideal place to start as they have only allowed 3.3 yards per carry this season.

Something the Browns can do is get Richardson the ball more often. Again he only carried the ball 12 times this past Sunday. I do not understand for the life of me why this was the case. Sure, the Browns faced a 14-0 deficit but that was in the first quarter. No first half deficit should make you abandon your run game. By halftime the Browns made it a 7 point game. In the third quarter they were only down 10 again not a reason to throw your run game to the curb.

What this shows is poor coaching decisions or a lack of confidence in Richardson. I do not see how this is the case. Let’s use some logic here. Running the ball more and keeping the defense honest will only help Richardson AND Weeden. Isn’t this the goal for this year? Putting your two first round franchise players in a position to succeed? By the looks of the way they are going about things it makes you wonder.

Not only is running the ball more going to put your rookies in a better position it will put your whole team in a better position. It is time the Browns come out in some jumbo packages and show teams they are going to run and see what happens. At 0-3 you do not want to say the season is lost just yet but it is looking that way. Giving Richardson the ball at least 20 times per game should be a priority for the rest of the season. Richardson has the rare ability to not only wear down a defense but to also change a game with one run. This sounds like the type of guy that should be carrying your offense, not Brandon Weeden and Greg Little. Make it happen starting this Sunday Mr. Childress or people are going to start calling for your job.

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