Browns Offense May Be Deciding Factor Against Bills

While the Cleveland Browns were unable to get the job done against division rival Cincinnati Bengals this past Sunday, there were a few glimmers of hope for this young team.  If they can capitalize on these positives this Sunday, they could be able to defeat an inconsistent Buffalo Bills teams.  When making your NFL picks for week 3.

One of the Browns main positives coming out of week 2 was the dominance of Trent Richardson.  The first round rookie pick for the Browns looked like a beast Sunday, running for 109 yards and getting in the end zone for a touchdown.  While the rest of the Browns team looked subpar, Richardson was getting the job done whenever the ball was given to him.  If he is able to make this big of an impact from week to week, the Browns may be able to turn their season around.

If they want to turn things around, however, they need to off a Buffalo Bills team that looks to be an enigma in the league.  One week they are being blown out and the next they are blowing out the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Browns surely hope that they will be able to defeat the Bills this coming Sunday, but things are going to be rough from the outset.  Buffalo has many weapons at their disposal that could prove to be a huge problem for a weak Browns offense.  C.J. Spiller cannot have a game like he did on Sunday if the Browns wish to win on Sunday.  It just cannot happen.

If the Browns can somehow stop the Bills offense and gain momentum, they could very well pull this game out on Sunday.  They will need to get a game plan to stop C.J. Spiller, however, and hope that Trent Richardson continues his trend of great running.

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