Browns Offense Searching for Answers

Week 1’s loss left a lot to be desired from the Browns offensive unit. Defensively they played a great game forcing numerous turnovers and giving the team every chance to win. The issue on the day was the struggles that the offense displayed.

The Browns need to find a way to put Brandon Weeden into a position to succeed. It first starts with not allowing the rookie qb to throw the ball 35 times. Sunday against Philly was not exactly a game that called for that many throws, as a matter of fact running the ball more frequently would have made much more sense in that game. The offensive line did a fine job protecting Weeden, he just did not look prepared to take on the role in the offense that was sent his way. Can you blame a rookie in his first game for this problem?

This game was on offensive coordinator Brad Childress. He needs to come up with a better gameplan for his rookie. It needs to begin with running the football 55-60 % of the time. There is nothing wrong with this especially when you just spent the 4th overall pick on a running back. It will not hurt to see right away if he is capable of being a workhorse. Another way to go about it is to come up with some trickery. Childress did this often with Percy Harvin when he was coach of Minnesota so I do not see what is holding him back from doing something with maybe Josh Cribbs.

Something needs to change quickly if the Browns are going to have any success this season. Judging by the Cincinnati defense in week 1 this could be a good place to start.


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