Young Browns Team Does Not Stand Chance Against Bengals

Sure, the Bengals had a rough game this past Monday night against a superior Baltimore Ravens team, but that is nothing compared to how terrible and out of sync the Browns were in their losing effort to the Philadelphia Eagles. This young team has little weapons at offense and consistently turns the ball over.  In terms of NFL picks for week 2, it would be unwise to take the Browns.

The problem with the Browns offense starts pretty predictably with their rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden.  Weeden looked terrible in week one, throwing four interceptions with not one touchdown.  Also, he only managed a laughable 118 yards passing.  Sure, the Eagles defense is very talented, but  Weeden looked like he would be equally terrible playing the worst defense in the league.  He will get a less intense D this week in Cincinnati, but they are no slouches.  While they are not as stacked as the Eagles D, they certainly can pressure the QB and force turnovers.  This does not bode well for a quarterback as inexperienced as Weeden is.  With only one professional game under his belt, you can bet the Bengals will be blitzing him  a great deal.

Another problem with the Browns offense is rookie running back Trent Richardson.  While he certainly has the potential to get the job done later on down the line, he just is not ready to be a starting back.  He only managed 39 yards on 19 carries this past Sunday.  This is startling for a Browns offense that hoped he would be a huge weapon this season.  He, unfortunately for them. does not look like he will be.

With all things considered, taking the Browns at +7 against a team with as many weapons on offense as the Bengals do is not a smart move.  Go with Cincinnati this Sunday.

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