Richardson expected to be ready for week 1


Photo by: Cliff Welch/Icon SMI

According to Browns head coach Pat Shurmur the team is “very optimistic” that Richardson will be ready to go in 2 weeks for the first regular season game. Shurmur went on to say Trent Richardson has “made great progress.”

When the Browns traded up to select T-rich with the fourth pick of the draft the last thing you wanted to hear was anything about an injury. But, this is the Browns we are talking about so it does not come as much of a surprise that something went wrong. Well luckily it sounds as though their prized possession will be able to be on the field with the team when the square off against Philly week 1. This is exciting news for Browns fans. This season is truly ushering in a new era in Browns history. It is an extremely joyful time for Browns fans definitely something they deserve. It would have really hurt the team’s morale if their top pick was unable to go week 1.

So now that we have covered that T-rich will be ready to go what should we expect from him this season? Expectations for him should be high because of his draft status but it is unfair to go crazy with the projected numbers. With fellow rookie Brandon Weeden at the helm defenses will be able to stack the box and take out the run game. This is not a knock on Weeden, that is just the truth for rookie QB’s. I think where Browns fans will fall in love with T-‘rich is in the redzone. The man has a nose for the endzone. This makes it realistic to say that he could score in the double digits in TD’s in his rookie season. I will be surprised if he is not in serious consideration for offensive ROTY at the end of the season.

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