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The Latest for the Cleveland Browns

 News and Notes: The Cleveland Browns The stories continue to come out surrounding the Cleveland Browns. In anticipation of the NFL Draft just under three weeks away – the team continues to make moves with their roster. Also, as is custom in early April – the fluff pieces are in full effect. However this time, […]

April 2016 by edubs1983
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Latest Happenings in the League

New NFL Rules and Pro Day It wasn’t all about Robert Griffin III and the Cleveland Browns last week – I tend to agree with the assessment that the signing is a low-risk move with a potential for a huge payout. There were a few other headlines that occurred within the NFL as well. First were […]

April 2016 by edubs1983

Recent News for the Orange and Brown

A Few Browns’ Tidbits Looking over the franchise, a thing or two struck me. First, the Browns chose the best coach for this job – not only is he knowledgable, but he is energetic and believes in what the Browns are trying to accomplish. Also, the front office continues to work the bottom of the roster […]

March 2016 by edubs1983
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Newest from Berea and the Browns

Rumors and News – Cleveland Browns The Browns garnered some headlines in both local and national media in the past few days. A majority of it was negative, claiming the team has no idea what they are doing. However, it has become apparent that the team is ridding themselves of the old and looking towards […]

March 2016 by edubs1983
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Another Smart Alec: Scheiner Resigns with the Browns

Alec Scheiner Resigns After three years with the Cleveland Browns franchise, the President has chosen to step down. He will remain with the club for several months, in a lesser capacity to complete a few projects – however once that is completed he will no longer be employed with the orange and brown. Let’s look […]

March 2016 by edubs1983
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The NFL Combine Analysis and Analytics

Sifting through the Information With over one thousand members in the Indianapolis last week – consisting of prospects, coaches, agents, and front office members – there was a ton to take in for each NFL team.  Hopefully the Browns did their part and got the most with their time spent with the necessary people.  In addition to this, […]

March 2016 by edubs1983

Best Ways to Draft – Listen Up Cleveland!

Browns Draft Philosophies It’s never too early to talk about the NFL Draft, especially during the doldrums of the offseason.  Having said that, let’s focus in on three philosophies that should be employed by the Cleveland Browns during draft weekend in a couple of months.  Whether the guys making the decisions actually buy in to these […]

February 2016 by edubs1983
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Don’t be Fooled by the Broncos – Need that Offense

Don’t Overreact to the Super Bowl A tremendous defense filled with quarterback pressures, speed, and punishing tackles.  A decent offense that was good enough to win football games in NFL.  That pretty much sums up the 2015 Denver Broncos – the champions of the league.  Is this the wave of the future (as it was […]

February 2016 by edubs1983
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How to Get the Next Franchise Quarterback

Don’t Overthink the Upcoming Draft Now that the news is out, and it is just a matter of time until the Browns will release Johnny Manziel – the Browns must find an actual franchise quarterback.  They could sign a signal caller in free agency this March, but let’s be honest; the way to get their […]

February 2016 by edubs1983
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Senior Bowl and a Grain of Salt

Rule for the Cleveland Browns – Know What You See The Senior Bowl week just wrapped up last week, and many scouts and media members have their favorites and listed guys who need to improve their play drastically. While it is encouraging to view athletes in a positive light and believe they can perform well […]

February 2016 by edubs1983